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Meet Our Team

Pledge and Commitment to Our Clients

  • We are fee only advisors and represent only our clients! The only fee we charge our clients is based on percentage of assets under management.  We will not impair our independence by accepting any other form of compensation such as commissions, soft dollar deals, etc.  We will strive to be the lowest cost while being the highest quality financial quarterback for our clients.


  • We will strive to help design and update as necessary an asset allocation plan to meet a client's established goals that will become a part of each client's investment policy based on a thorough understanding of each client's:

-  Goals & Objectives
-  Time Horizons  
-  Income Needs
-  Risk Tolerance
-  Total Net Worth and Asset Pool under Management

  • We will choose managers who have demonstrated superior risk adjusted returns compared to style peers and have traits and characteristics that we believe are important to compound capital over a long period of time.  In addition, we will monitor these managers to ascertain whether they continue to be worthy of our confidence.


  • We will invest substantial amounts of our capital in the same investments we invest our client's money and treat your investment as if it were our own.
    We will diversify our client's portfolio by style and manager, but not over-diversify.


  • We will constantly monitor managers for changes in investment style, performance relative to peers, cost, etc.  We will seek to avoid funds/managers who charge loads, exit fees or 12b-1 charges.  Using our leverage, we will negotiate fees with managers to the extent possible to make sure our client is receiving the best deal possible.


  • We will do our best to communicate and educate our clients on the benefits of asset allocation and modern portfolio theory as well as "intrinsic value" investing, to produce superior risk adjusted returns as well as the benefits of sticking with an investment plan.  Also, we will attempt to add additional value to our clients by functioning as a personal CFO during quarterly meetings.
    We will be the most tax efficient possible in a taxable account, striving to maximize risk adjusted after tax returns.  However, we will not let taxes interfere with prudent investment considerations.


  • We will provide performance reporting quarterly that will be comprehensive and benchmark against criteria established in our clients's written investment policy.


  • We will choose any individual stock investments based on their discount from our appraisal of intrinsic value, their competitive position and management, and our assessment of their free cash flow potential.
    We will buy individual bonds using a ladder approach as to maturities and duration considering the client's goals and objectives and asset allocation plan as well as risk and reward of yields and credit of issuer.


  • We will be flexible and commit ourselves to superior service to our clients.