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Q.     Who are Southeast Asset Advisors, Inc. and Lanigan Wealth Management?

A.     Southeast Asset Advisors, Inc. (SEA) is a fee based registered investment advisory firm.  Our principals have been providing investment management services for over 30 years.  Our main office is in Thomasville, Georgia with other offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Atlanta Georgia.

Lanigan Wealth Management (LWM) is focused on the special needs of wealthy individuals and families.  Wealth management incorporates all aspects of a client's financial needs.  We act in many ways as a personal Chief Financial Officer / Chief Investment Officer for clients.

Services can be broadly separated into following areas:

  • Asset Management - Investment Policy and Asset Allocation, Investment Management and reporting
  • Family Wealth Counseling including estate planning and implementation
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Valuation services (private equity, real estate, partnerships, public equities, etc)
  • Philanthropic Planning (private foundations, charitable giving programs, etc.)
  • Family Business Consulting (succession planning, valuations, investment banking, M&A services)
  • Family Office Services and Consulting including maintenance of consolidated books, records and financial statements
  • Corporate Executive Consulting - Concentrated Stock positions, Options and deferred compensation planning

Q.     What does "Fee Based" mean? 

A.     Fee Based means that we do not accept commissions, soft dollars or other forms of compensation from any investment service providers.  Our only source of revenue is client fees.

We believe in "open architecture" which means that we will work with any financial services firm as long as it's in the best interest of our client.  We have no incentives to work with a specific service provider or investment management firm.  Said another way, our business model avoids many of the conflicts of interest of the large national firms that have been so widely publicized.

Our fees are based on assets under management.  This means that our only source of new revenue is the growth of those assets, YOUR ASSETS!

Q.     How is SEA and LWM different from many other Investment management firms?

A.     We are not brokers or salesmen.  So we won't try to sell you anything.  What we will do is (1) gain an in depth understanding of your personal needs, (2) develop a plan designed to achieve your goals and objectives with out taking undue investment risk and (3) implement the plan with a combination of active and passive investment managers, individual stocks and fixed income securities.

We focus on risk and risk-adjusted returns. Only after understanding the risks taken to achieve a particular return, can you, the client, evaluate performance.

The primary difference between Lanigan Wealth Management and other financial service providers is that we actually perform most of the services we offer.  Many wealth management firms outsource many areas of wealth management.  At SEA our principals possess a broad breadth of experience and knowledge.

All of our principals are Certified Public Accountants (licensed in several states) and many have additional professional certifications such as Certified Financial Planner or Certified Financial Analyst (Insert Link to our Professionals Profile).   We have extensive experience in estate planning, implementation and maintenance of the plan (often overlooked in larger firms, but extremely important in light of changing tax law).  We are highly experienced in the areas of income and estate tax and prepare the returns in house.  By doing it all ourselves, we can be assured of knowing how the plans interact and what affect a specific transaction or planning technique will have on other areas of the plan.

Our clients have ONE person who's familiar with all of their financial affairs.

Q.      Who maintains custody of my assets?

A.      Securities are held in the clients brokerage or bank custody account.  SEA does not retain or take possession of a client's securities or funds.

Q.      Can I make withdrawals?

A.      Yes, you can make withdrawals at any time. However we prefer to determine your needs at the outset of our engagement in order to adjust the cash holdings and avoid the unexpected sales of securities.

 Q.     What are your minimum account requirements?

 A.     SEA and Lanigan Wealth Management is a fee-based advisor.  We charge fees based on assets under management.

SEA asset management clients have minimum account balances of $500,000.  This may be aggregated in several accounts such as personal account, IRA account and trust accounts.  These clients often utilize some of the services of Lanigan Wealth Management, such as tax preparation, but pay for these services on a piecemeal basis.

Lanigan Wealth Management clients have investable assets in excess of $5,000,000.  In these cases, many of the wealth management services are bundled into one fee.

Q.     How can I learn more? 

A.     If you would like to learn more about Southeast Asset Advisors and Lanigan Wealth Management, we would enjoy talking with you further.  We may be contacted at (229) 226-8839 or via email at or email a partner directly.