A Tradition of Deserved Trust

Southeast Asset Advisors provides wealth and investment management services as a fiduciary. That means we act in our clients’ best interests in all respects — without exception.

We are Southeast Asset Advisors, serving a select group of clients for more than 25 years.

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Our work demands trust, something that is earned over time and proven with every decision and transaction we make. Trust is personal and relational, a bond between people that empowers them to act with confidence, navigate the unexpected and discover new possibilities. Earning and maintaining trust is central in everything we do. We work to deserve our clients’ trust every day.

We pride ourselves on multi-generational relationships with our clients. In partnership with them, we think in decades and create lasting legacies. Our work is guided by the future our clients intend, not the noisy and misleading present. All of our partners are seasoned CPAs as well as holding other credentials (CFA, CIMA, CFP).

We strive to protect and grow our clients’ capital over the long term by:

Focusing on individual client goals and objectives.
Having the proper asset allocation to reflect each client’s tolerance for volatility.
Stress testing short-term liquidity needs.
Investing with a value orientation and utilizing managers who understand the intrinsic value of a business and margin of safety.